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Michael Pannwitz

Planning for your dream project

Michael has worked and played with the originators of the Genuine Contact Program TM, Future Search, Open Space, the South African Anti-Bias Network and the Technology of Participation TM (ICA) worldwide. He facilitates long term transformation processes and brief large group interventions. He is also engaged in organizing local, regional and global learning exchanges and the above trainings.

As an expert on large scale participation and intercultural learning Michael has contributed to university course development in Great Britain, Germany, Italy and Sweden. He has worked in expert teams developing and testing large group workshops and trainings as well as new large group interventions for community development and for large scale peaceful transnational conflict resolution in crisis regions.

What brought me here?

Since the pecking at the Berlin Wall I have been exploring with individuals, groups and organizations how to create heaven on earth. Together making our world a better place for all.  Experiencing our interactions as our dreams coming true due to our courage to pursue them. Michael has studied  (physics, North-American / various regional studies and - political science with a Masters Degree) in Berlin, Italy, Nicaragua and the USA. He has participated in facilitation trainings as far East as Taiwan, West as California, North as Sweden and South as Chile. Currently he is learning Greek (with his son).

What inspires me?

Natural landscapes. People who live their dream. My passion is: TRANSFORMATION both as human beings, groups and organizations even on a societal scale - be it at home or planetary. The goal being increasing pleasure and reducing pain.

Michael enjoys working in/with committed teams AND meeting rooms with a view - over a natural landscape. He is available for your dream project and in-house large group intervention workshops and trainings in Berlin/Athens - and worldwide where peaceful conflict resolution prevails.

In 2014/15 Michael is also participating in a training with John Webb at the Free University in Berlin to become a life-work-planning coach serving individuals and groups face to face to find their dream job.

Picture credits: Above at an “Open Space Training in Nature” in cooperation with the Scout Association of Slovenia (ZTS); Team Page at a Future Search (Europahaus Aurich).

Phone: +49 (0)30 62908392


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