boscop: our history

Our Cooperative

From a temporary learning group we founded boscop as registered cooperative thus creating an institutional framework for our consultancy, our collegial counselling and as a basis for joint contracting.

The roots of berlin open space cooperative go back to year 1997 when consultants from the domains of organisational and personal development, supervision, advanced education and community work met in a work group named ' Großgruppenintervention in Transformationsprozessen' GiT (Large Group Interventions in Transformation Processes) to broaden their competence in large group interventions.

Over the time they wished to institutionalise the ongoing exchange and learning.

The organisation should be based on cooperation, should be flexible and reliable at the same time, it should work on a permanent basis and orientate towards learning and negotiating. Furthermore it should be truly participative. A cooperative was the choice of the hour, founded in 2004 by seven members.

Ever since we consult and facilitate as single persons or in temporary co-operation privately owned and governmental entities in Germany and abroad. Our members speak 9 languages: German, English, French, Greek, Italien, Croatien, Russian, Swedish, Serbian, Spanish.

Our cooperation is based on the spirit of economical self help and thus creates a realm for internal communication and reflection further fostering the councelling quality.

The founding members on Nov 21, 2004 at the end of the inaugural meeting from left to right: Jutta Weimar, Ilona Boettger, Barbara Kozok, Friedrich Reinsch, Michael Pannwitz jr.
front: Jo Toepfer, Michael M Pannwitz (the initiators)

Die ausführliche Geschichte

boscop eg – eine Synapse im open space Netzwerk

unter diesem Titel veröffentlichten Dr. Barbara Kozok und Jo Töpfer einen Text über die Entstehung von boscop eg im Sammelband von Jörg Sydow / Stephan Manning (Hrsg.) Netzwerke beraten – Über Netzwerkberatung und Beratungsnetzwerke