boscop: Our Principles

How we work

Cooperation and economic self-help

@ boscop we support cooperation, added value and profit for all concerned parties.

We live what we sell - we walk the talk.

We apply to ourselves what we offer our clients. We work with Open Space within our organisation. This wealth of experience is the basis of the quality of our services.

Interactive Organisation

We perceive boscop as an organisation in progress. We react to influences and developments of our environment and orient ourselves according to the needs and experiences of our members. We are an experimental organisation with permeable boundaries.

Healthy Structures

Healthy working conditions and structures are important for us. We adjust them to members' individual needs.

Shared Leadership

Everbody leads – hierarchies change. Members take the lead according to interest and ability. Each one takes responsibility for the whole.

Process facilitation to support self-organisation

boscop facilitates processes for groups and organisations to unleash the full potential of the system. We do not interfere with content. We concentrate on building the framework thus creating space for self-organisation.

Changing the world one meeting at a time

Every meeting creates an opportunity to discover new perspectives and scopes of action.