boscop: Mia Konstantinidou

Mia Konstantinidou


Thinking and acting beyond the seemingly (im)possible!

Mia Konstantinidou works as a process facilitator with groups and individuals. Since 2002 she has completely devoted herself to this work and to expanding her knowledge in this field. A multitude of trainings in Europe and the US has strengthened her practice in supporting proactive change processes within and between people, as well as in organisations. She gained a Master’s degree in political science (FU Berlin), works as a mediator and is a senior expert in the field of anti-discrimination work.

What led me to this work?

I wondered about the structures of organisations and systems in which we as human beings live and work. My central question has always been how to face challenges in our communities in an inclusive and constructive way. A common theme in my belief is that the possible is always greater than it might be seen currently by people.

What moves me?

My work is based on the aspiration to create a framework that unleashes the full potential of and within each one of us.


Phone: +49 (0)30 62908392 (office)  
                +49 (0)163 3812139 (cell)

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German, English and Greek fluent, Spanish

Memberships & Certifications:
Future Search Network, Institute of Cultural Affairs Germany (ICA), European Network of ICAs and certified Trainer of the Technology of Participation (ToP) and Participatory Strategic Planning (PSP) by the ICA USA, Mediator

Open Space Trainings planned & conducted:
6-day Training in Blossin 2006 (English), 1-day Workshop in Chile 2006 (Spanish), 6-day Training Rolandseck 2008 (German), 3-day Workshop in South Africa 2009 (English) and 2-day Workshops for GreenCampus in Berlin in 2017, 2018, 2019 (German)

It works, naturally: Self-Organization!
In a certain way it is the mystery of life and nature - inexplicable and omnipresent, ever-occuring. It doesn't stay the way it is. So everything is forming over again and all by itself. We try to create the space for our controll-infused organisations to (re)exeprience the power of self-organization inmidst of turmoil, questioning and change.