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Training: "Committed Teams through Mastering Collaborative Decisions"

Training with Marai Kiele and Thomas Herrmann on  July 4-5, 2024 in our space in Berlin

Are you tired of this?

Good people come together, talk things through, seem to reach agreements, but afterwards you realize it’s unclear:

    • What exactly did we decide?
    • Who makes it happen?
    • How committed is everyone?

If you want, you can change this disempowering pattern.

Using 5toFold puts a liberating alternative into your hands.

What is 5toFold?

5toFold is a simple, sophisticated and embodied process for making decisions as a team. It provides a reliable structure for making decisions ranging from routine, low-impact decisions to those that might impact hundreds or thousands of people.

The clear, reliable, step-by-step structure provided by the 5toFold process encourages genuine participation from all participants. This increases the feeling of safety for everyone to share what is truly happening for them. The clear and ingenious structure helps to bring out the best in people.

Reliable, committed leadership naturally emerges in the process. Using 5toFold leads to the implementation of decisions and inspired focused action. Regular use of 5toFold increases trust and stability among management teams and decision-makers. In short:

5toFold increases the well-being of individuals and teams, as well as the entire organization!

Who is it for?

This training is for

    • Experienced facilitators and consultants who want to support team cohesion;
    • Leaders who already work co-creatively and want to take their work to the next level;
    • Community builders who desire true togetherness that leads to action;
    • Self-organising teams who want to “level up” their performance.

What can I expect?

During this 2-day training you will learn a simple and powerful way to handle team decisions based on:

    • Clear shared leadership
    • Genuine engagement
    • Commitment and inspired action

By experimenting with 5toFold you will experience how a group moves from speaking and acting based on pre-conceived notions, to achieving mutual understanding and connection.

You will leave our experiential training with:
    1. Awareness about the essential elements of group decision-making
    2. A step-by-step guide to the 5toFold process
    3. Knowledge about how to prepare as a facilitator
    4. Clarity about the different roles in a decision-making meeting
    5. Deep insights into 5toFold and the effects of using the method
    6. Knowledge of how to set up a decision meeting
    7. Knowledge of preparing the organisation / the sponsor for using 5toFold
    8. A plan for how you continue your learning journey
    9. We also intend to have a really good time together!

Will this training have long-term impact?

To make sure you have the capacity for implementing what you have learned into your ongoing work, the following items are added to the training as a bonus:

    • 3-hour Follow-Up Meeting two months later (online)
    • WhatsApp or Telegram group with the opportunity to ask for support from the trainers and group members for two months following the training

Who is leading the workshop?

If you want to improve the practice of decision-making in your team, group or organization, join the two most experienced practitioners in Europe on a 2-day learning journey. Two pioneers in achieving commitment in teams through decision mastery:

Marai Kiele, Germany
I am on a mission to raise awareness about decisions.

Most people aren’t aware that HOW decisions are being made is AS IMPORTANT as the decision itself.
With each decision being made, trust is either reduced or built.

Thomas Herrmann, Sweden
The deep learning I experience in groups when using 5toFold is truly exceptional.

The ability to make wise decisions that get implemented with joy and energy, sigificantly increases health in teams and organisation.

What is the maximum group size?

We have space for a selected group of 12 participants.

When and where?

Thursday, July 4, 9.30am - 6pm
Friday, July 5, 9.30am - 5pm

This workshop is organized by boscop:
berlin open space cooperative, Hasenheide 9, 10967 Berlin

What is my investment?

Standard rate:  EUR 1.100,00 plus VAT
Reduced rate:   EUR 900,00 plus VAT (for small businesses, small NGOs)
Come together: Bring a friend, save 10% each - write to us for the code

Individual rate: Can’t afford the rates above but passionate about joining? Talk to us. We will find a solution with you.


If you are still unsure if this is a good investment, we are willing to share the risk of this decision with you: Feel free to book a workshop ticket with a reduced down-payment. After the workshop you check: How valuable was this for me? If you are fully satisfied, you send the post-payment. If you are not fully satisfied with what you got, reduce or skip the second payment.

Whatever you choose, we trust you. :-)

Where to stay

Grand Hostel, Sonnenallee 6, 12047 Berlin,
Easy Lodges Berlin, Columbiadamm 160, 10965 Berlin,
Mercure Hotel Berlin Tempelhof, Rollbergstraße 214-216, 12049 Berlin,

Cancellation policy

If you cancel by May 15, 2024 we can refund 80% of your ticket price. If you cancel by June 15, 2024 we can refund 50% of your ticket price. If you cancel after that we cannot offer a refund. Of course, you can transfer your ticket so someone else.