boscop: Training

How to learn and teach Open Space?

Arranging a conference based on Open Space principles differs fundamentally from traditional event design. boscop's special training concepts reflect this alternative approach.

A Six-day Open Space training consists of 3 consecutive Open Space events: 1. experience, 2. reflection, 3. exercise, and follows the theory 'that Open Space can neither be learned nor taught but has to be remembered' (H.Owen) 

Witnessing the full potential of Open Space, participants undergo experienced-based and self-organised learning.

We @ boscop offer inhouse-trainings to accompany your organisational and personal development initiatives, and we plan them together with you according to your needs and what is appropriate to the situation at hand.

In shorter Opens Space workshops, combining knowledge transfer with practice and reflection, you can get acquainted with the method for the first time, or deepen or update your knowledge.

From time to time we offer public workshops on Open Space to spread and deepen the idea.