boscop: Open Space

Space for Self-Organization

Open Space, energizing and stimulating like a good coffee break, gives participants the opportunity to raise their matters of concern for further processing.

Through Open Space hidden talents, solutions, ideas, competences and potentials of the system become visible and usable. Based on a well defined subject and a clear process, all participants get the chance to raise their matters of concern in a self-organized space.

A preparation group defines the overarching theme for the Open Space event. Right from the start participants take on their responsibility: by voicing their matters of concern they define the agenda and persue it in parallel working groups.

Open Space is suitable for both very large and small groups. Sessions last for at least one full day, ideally for two and a half days.

Be prepared to be surprised by results, creativity and innovation!

It works, naturally: Open Space framework and process allow the full potential to unleash. Participants organize themselves and lead the action.

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