boscop: Future Search

Forward-looking strategic planning

With Future Search a group of stakeholders work together in a furture-oriented way on a common theme.

The client composes a steering commitee representing all stakeholders, the whole system in a room. We support the steering committee in preparing the conference step by step.

A Future Search process is precisely structured and clearly facilitated and includes five different working phases: past, present, future, common ground and action planning.

Ideally there are 64 participants - eight groups of stakeholders each represented by eight participants. They work together for 20 hours in three days. 

It works, naturally: the purposive composition of the group brings all relevant perspectives into each step of the process. The common ground reached and action plan developed is owned and supported by all stakeholders who are now ready and willing to immediately implement it.


Future Search: Die Entdeckung von gemeinsamen Grundlagen PDF ->


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