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boscop commits to the Future Search Network Refugee Initiative

Future Search Network: "The crisis continues!

The winter is here and the numbers aren't lessening. There are still mothers and children who have been walking for weeks to reach asylum. Yet, in many places peoples' attitudes are hardening. Countries that were open to accepting immigrants months ago are now closing their borders. Groups are actively opposing new immigrants with violence. At the same time, many have mobilized to welcome refugees and offer a hand of friendship in the midst of trauma. Germany and Sweden, for example, are hosting up to 1 million this year.Refugee organisations are traveling to Southern Europe to personally welcome arrivals with clothes, hot food and advice. Individuals, including Network members, are visiting families to offer support and friendship.

You can imagine the challenge for those coordinating responses. NGOs and local authorities are overwhelmed, and medical and social services systems are strained. Though news coverage is slowing, the crisis is not.

It is a reality that everyone has to face. There is an opportunity to be of service. What can we do?

As you know, FSN members  met at our FSN 2015 Learning Exchange in Berlin to take action. We prepared a memo that explains the world-wide presence of the Future Search Network and how we are connected by a common set of values, including one of service. Essentially we will help people for whatever they can afford". See FSN REFUGEE INITIATIVE on our website: