boscop: Susanne Werner

Susanne Werner

Working together to develop good practice.

Susanne Werner is a sociologist with broad experience and qualifications in Public Health and media. She worked for a number of years for a newspaper and at a university. During that time she developed an interest in the effect of the media and communication on our health and well-being and decided to set up her own business in 2005 as facilitator, trainer and consultant, offering workshops on communication, health and networking. Most of her clients are from the health sector. She has been a member of boscop since 2012.

What led me to this work?

The way we contact and communicate with others influences our health. Mutual respect encourages us to feel better about ourselves and others. Using methods with large groups such as Open Space technology can help people realize their potential by self-organisation and enable them to participate effectively. For me this is an effective way of developing good practice. At boscop I have found colleagues who share my aspirations and we have been able to work together with the same aims and objectives.

What drives me?

That people from all walks of life should be able to communicate with one another, and with reflection and discussion find new ways of living together.


Phone: +49 30 85 73 18 93
Cell:       +49 170 54 18 204

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German and English.

Advanced Education & Training:
Open Space Technology with Matthias zur Bonsen and Jutta Herzog, Participatory Methods with Roswitha Vesper and Dirk Blumberg, Networkmanagement with Andreas Winheller, Organisational Constellation with Siegfried Rosner.