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Sanna Schondelmayer

Creating structures - In order to dream


As an ethnologist, Sanna has spent a fair bit of time abroad studying everyday culture in different regions of the world: Israel, Russia, Poland and France. With contacts in various milieus, industries and fields, she has become acquainted with connecting and separating factors, learning about closeness and distance and life-work-concepts, as well as management and leadership styles. An extensive examination of interaction and communication patterns led to publication. Sanna seeks exchange and inspiration and her spirit of discovery in proving theoretical knowledge in reality has resulted in self-developed consulting methods.

Sanna Schondelmayer holds a PhD and M.A. in European Ethnologist Polish and Russian Studies. Her working focus is team and large group facilitation in transformation, development and networking-processes and individual process facilitation, coaching, mediation and conflict management. Furthermore, she offers workshops, training and seminars on diversity, communication and moderation, IKK, et al..

What attracted me with boscop and Open Space?

In 2006, I participated in an Open Space learning exchange organised by boscop which left me with a deep feeling of 'returning home'. I got to know an organisation and a method which perfectly matched my attitude as a facilitator. Over the years I co-operated with boscop colleagues and participated in additional workshops and training like, 'Managing a Future Search' with Sandra Janoff and 'Verhandlungsspielräume Öffnen', a mediation education based on Open Space principles.

In 2014, I was looking for an organisation and/or network to locate myself in professionally, the choice was not hard: boscop!

What delights and inspires me?

I am fascinated by Open Space as one of the most lively and result-driven participatory large group methods. The method represents my attitude as facilitator. As Harrison Owen, the founder of Open Space, put it: 'You cannot make choices for people, but you can give them the opportunity to choose.'

I strive to initiate functional structures where participants can work vigorously and creatively on issues they really care for, and to encourage them to open the drawers where their dreams rest undiscovered. 


Phone: +49 (0)179 1049330

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Languages: My working languages are German and English.

At a good level, I can also bring in linguistic competences in French & Polish, Russian & Italien.

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