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Frederik Wortmann

Creating the future together!

Frederik Wortmann consults individuals, teams and organizations to create the future together. He studied Social and Organizational Psychology at Humboldt University, Berlin. Since 2004 he has been a freelance trainer and consultant. His main focus is large group interventions, but he is also trained as communication specialist and mediator.
He is currently lives in the Caribbean and works as facilitator in development projects.

How did you get introduced to Open Space?

When I started my organizational psychology studies I was interested in applying it in real life. I met people that ‘worked with groups’, organized training and facilitated conferences using innovative approaches. I learned about Open Space Technology and experienced that it is one of the most effective meeting methods for large groups – from that moment onward it became the focal point of my work.

What inspires me?

I am always thrilled to see the ease with which people move their passions forward in a Open Space Technology meeting. They often radiate optimism and a strong sense of trust for the group and the opportunities to co-create the future." 
Frederik Wortmann speaks German, English and Spanish.

Phone: +1 809 908 07 81
Mobil:   +1 849 253 57 82

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German, English and Spanish.