boscop: Barbara Kozok

Barbara Kozok

Act differently to make a difference!

After a career of 20 years in organisational and personal development in the industry internationally, Barbara Kozok has been offering freelance consultancy since 2013.

Finalizing her studies in political science in Berlin, she obtained a PhD and lectured at Kassel University. Back in Berlin she worked as a management consultant for small, mid-sized and large companies. She has also developed and implemented leadership development programs for a large multinational energy company in Stockholm. Currently she works in close cooperation with companies and NGOs in Cyprus.

Why boscop and Open Space?

To merge the companies we had to interlink different corporate cultures. I discovered Open Space as a promising method which adequately expresses my fundamental conviction: to open space for creativity and innovation through equal participation.

With Michael M Pannwitz and a number of boscop colleagues we founded our cooperation in 2003 and have been involved in an intensive dialogue ever since.

What inspires me?

Bringing people together and exchanging knowledge and experience; discovering and gaining new insights, findings and ideas; creating something new.

Phone: +15750 411 455 and +357 97 687876

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arbeitet auf deutsch, englisch und schwedisch, hat Spanischkenntnisse und lernt derzeit griechisch.

Zertifizierungen & Mitgliedschaften:
Neben zahlreicher Zertifikate für Personalentwicklung kann Barbara eine Trainerausbildung zu 'Situational Leadership' und 'The Art of Innovation' vorweisen. Darüber hinaus hat sie sich bei Bliss Browne, Glenn Uminger sowie bei bei Sandra Janoff und Marvin Weisbord in die Methoden von Appreciative Inquiry, 'True Lean', 'Future Search' und 'World Café' eingearbeitet.

Barbara ist Mitglied beim GeN Gen-ethisches Netzwerk und seit 20 Jahren mit der "Gesellschaft für Informatik" assoziiert.



The Power of Open Space.